Semi-automatic machines for plastic strapping and steel

Strapping of many products is made with a hand tools and well often requires the use of 2 operators to achieve an effective result. The installation of a strapping lance saves undeniable productivity in relation to the strapping operation. Only one operator is needed to easily pass the strapping around the package, the final strapping tension being made by a motorized strapping FROMM tool.
The tool is normally suspended from a suspension bow attached to a balancer mounted on a stem.The strapping a lance investment remains very modest and justified by further substantial cost saving.


Strapping type semi-automatic machine launches strapping for packages of sheet-metal sheet steel or PET.

Lance feuillard EFS/EFP  


W 600 - 2200 mm - H 30 à 600 mm

Strapping qualities

Polyester (PET) or steel

Strapping widths

19 mm - can work too with 25 or 32 mm

Strapping thicknesses

0.7 until 1.35 mm

Strapping tension

fonction du type d'outil

Méthode de fermeture

matriçage pour l'acier / friction fusion pour PET

Depending on the type of tool


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