Stretch machines

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Banderoleuses FR330/350


The alternative to replace one wrapper to turntable

The wrapper FR3xx 'Robot' is a semi-automatic robot with Control Panel options. With which you banding system banding foil your product in less than one minute.


Specifications machine

  • European construction Panel
  • Easy to use
  • Construction solid
  • Speed controlled by frequency inverter
  • 2 x gel batteries, 12 Volt - 110 Ah connected in series
  • Programmes, parameters can be adjusted.

Maximum dimensions of the pallet

1100 x 1200 mm

Maximum pallet weight

2000 kg

Standard height of the pallet

2050 mm

Electrical power

230 V - 50/60 Hz

Datasheet Download

Banderoleuse FR39x/FR40x



  • Certified CE
  • Tool easy and friendly to use
  • Stabilisation of the pallet in less than 1 minute
  • Simple, accessible and easy to use operator panel
  • Noise level less than 80 dB with film "cast"
  • Arm to maneuver easily the robot on front and rear steering wheel adaptable height
  • Ability to move the robot with an elevator
  • Should be used with Panel OP2 that brings greater flexibility for more great cost savings

Datasheet Download